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9 Tarn End is a two-bedroomed luxury cottage set in beautifully landscaped gardens and nestled in the Cumbrian countryside just a short drive from the Scottish border and Hadrian’s Wall.

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Tarn End is a small and attractive development, in the grounds of what was originally the Tarn End House Hotel, built in 1889. This is a beautifully restored Victorian property and outer buildings.

This quietly situated self-catering cottage, which was purchased in 2021 by owners Malcolm and Pip Murray, offers the ultimate in luxury and comfort, reflecting the diligence and passion for interiors that Malcolm and Pip have injected into this well-maintained property.

9 Tarn End is located on the edge of Talkin Tarn. Talkin comes from the Celtic name ‘Talcan’, which means brow of a hill. Tarn or ‘Tjorn’ is Norse for small teardrop or lake. Talkin Tarn was formed by the force of glaciers 10,000 years ago. The Tarn is set in 120 acres of country park and woodland near Brampton.

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A Place to Unwind and Relax

Whether you are looking for a special place to celebrate, a base to explore or you just want to chill, then 9 Tarn End offers a unique and uncomplicated experience, with all the luxuries you need.

Based on the owners’ first-hand experience, there is nothing nicer than sitting on the terrace enjoying a drink while looking over the Tarn. There again, just sitting inside and taking in the beauty and nature of the simple and breath-taking views is just as restorative.

We look forward to welcoming you to our second home…

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